What Does a Little Fall of Rain Song Mean?

A little fall of rain

The Les Miserables (Musical) has a lot of great and notable songs that were played during those times when music conquered musicals and theatre plays fanatics. As first premiered at the highly regard Barbican Theatre in London, this play has been regarded as one of Victor Hugo’s notable creation. It tells something about life, ambition and love in the era where social reform has been greatly plead. One of the best things in a musical play is that there seems to be endless kinds of beautiful tracks that go with it. Some of the best songs that are noted are the songs from Miss Saigon, Cats, Oliver, and of course Les Miserables.

Les Miserables’ On My Own song was one of the songs that are often remembered from the play. However, one song actually lingers on to you in a specific kind of scene, and this song is A Little Fall of Rain. A Little Fall of Rain goes without saying that it is indeed the most important part of the play. This is the song, which Eponine’s character sings before her timely death on the play, declaring her love and affection to Marius, the main character of the story as well.


The story that measures the suffering of one person or the other during this time of revolution, the tale always brings in new and olden sayings, that no matter how hard life is, there will always be a new life and new steps ahead. The song, A Little Fall of Rain is a heart touching song that is for most, the important part of the play itself. With its lyrics all declaring assurance and careful words chosen to bring safety for each of the character’s declaration of love.

The story that outlines the Les Miserables play is one of the most important examples on how the musicals and theatre arts came in to a high regard. Although plays and theatre has been around for ages, since the age where Shakespeare has conquered the whole theatre in all of his acts and plays, the Les Miserable is just a proven structure that has tested the range of time. From its beautiful scripts down to its soundtracks and musical arrangements, the whole show is just a masterpiece. A Little Fall of Rain according to the play “Les Miserables”, has a very simple meaning. It is to accept and become what you are and expressing your love before it is too late. It is such a wonderful piece of a song that should not be overlooked. It is truly a memorable song and should be cherished forever.