VirtualDJ Basic Review

VirtualDJ is one of the most popular DJ-mixing software systems available lately. The software has been developed by leading software company Atomix Productions, based in California. The VirtualDJ Basic is primarily targeted towards amateur disc jockeys but it can be a helpful tool for the intermediate and veteran DJs as well. The article below presents a brief review on the VirtualDJ Basic software.


VirtualDJ involves trendy technologies

It’s good to mention that VirtualDJ involves new & emerging technologies from DJ software zone to present the users with a cutting edge experience. The amateur DJ-mixing system developed by Atomix Productions enables the users to develop loops and add on gimmicks & samples to their live track automatically. It also allows you to use external audio-mixer. The program comes with 4 important features incorporated into the higher VirtualDJ Pro version & would be available at a comparatively cheaper rate. This is to stress here that VirtualDJ Basic is especially developed for operations in smaller venues and hence could be a fantastic help for those DJs who use mouse and keyboard for music mix.

Great Input/Output features

The good part is that the VirtualDJ Basic is designed with amazing input/output features. The users here would be able to access their whole digital music library instantly. The software is equipped to detect the musical keys so that every mix designed by the DJ comes in tune. Moreover, you can use VirtualDJ Basic to automatically set the BPM counter & interface with several HID and MIDI controllers. The users are allowed to use this software along with the timecode CDs/ vinyl where they will have the ability of scratching digitalized music tunes on old-school turntable. The timecode solution in VirtualDJ Basic is well compatible with many of the music-video files.

Other vital features

  • Instance BPM recognition
  • Automatic gain & beat match
  • Pitch and controls available on the dual players
  • Broadcasting & recording capacities
  • Internal mixer along with equalizers

The previous users are more or less happy with the performance of VirttualDJ Basic. The only thing they wanted is a better technical support.