OverClocked ReMix review

OverClocked remix is a limited liability firm that is promoting fan made remixes of videogames music. This is a great place for fans for collaborating and letting their talent flow along with the fact that is a great way of expression for the fans to show their vigor for their favorite games.

OverClocked ReMix review helps you in picking up the right kind of music as the submissions here are based on the quality control process although the album projects don not go through the similar procedure.


The kind of music that you find here is very wide and the genres usually depend on the choice of the remixer’s. the best part is that all the music that is found on the website can be downloaded fro free using either HTTP or BitTorrent. This lets people from various parts of the world have access to the creative work some of the gaming and music fans and is a way for collaborating on projects even while they are seated thousands of miles away from each other.

Fans have a choice of editing the band information on the website along with editing the albums. Then there are thousands of reviews that you can read before you download the music and you can also rate every song that is present on the website for streaming and listening to for free. There are plenty other options like adding reviews, adding albums, adding news or adding the Mp3s. All genres of music in the likes of punk, rock, hip-hop and pop along with alt/indie can easily be found on the website.


OverClocked ReMix review helps you in picking fan made remixes of videogame music and is a great place for collaboration between fans and music lovers.