MixVibes CROSS DJ Review

MixVibes Cross DJ is one of best DJ mixing software programs released in the current entertainment sphere. The primary plus point of the software is that it puts solid stress on quality 7 integrity of music files. MixVibes Cross DJ has been developed with most of the qualities and features of a reliable DJ software but also takes a leap further by providing elaborate analysis of audio status of a music file. The article below comes up with a review on MixVibes Cross DJ program.

The MixVibes Cross DJ software is equipped with almost all the tools available in other different DJ software solutions such as BPM matcher, BPM analyzer, manual & auto loops, master tempo-controls which enables the program to present a number of fantastic DJ effects & mixing. It provides symmetrical player setting which leads to easy recording & mixing offering the user with an amazing DJ experience.

One of the chief distinctions between MVC & other different DJ software solutions is that the former comes with simple media browsing facility and can produce crystal-clear sound effects. The users here would easily know about the locations of his songs & the ways to access them fast for smooth set creation and easy transitions.


MixVibes Cross DJ is able to import a versatile range of audio file-formats like WAV, MP3, ID3 & others and will also serve as line-in for the MIDI devices like MP3, CD decks and vinyl. All in all it can be said that the software seems to be pretty impressive with a convincing a strong emphasis on integrity and quality, without losing out on seamless live audio mixing & performance.

It’s good to mention that MixVibes Cross DJ assures a solid support provision for its users. The MVC community portal is very active and is always ready to support users with quality assistance in a variety of aspects related to the software program. The software comes with a helpful tutorial video that enables you to learn about the various features & functions of this software program.

The users are happy with MixVibes Cross DJ software but however, some of them have appealed for the incorporation of mire number of features in the program.