Make Sweet Melodies Through A Yamaha Recorder Instrument

Yamaha recorder instrument

The Yamaha recorder instrument is a great musical instrument, it is very easy to learn and within a few weeks of consistent practice anyone can learn how to master and prefect playing this instrument. Unlike other musical instruments the recorder is a very simple and easy instrument to play. Musical instruments like the piano and guitar are not very easy to learn how to play; they require a bit more patience and hard work unlike the recorder musical instrument. It can be played by anyone and it seems to be very popular amongst children especially girls. The recorder falls into the category of woodwind instruments and it is part of the flute family, some people actually call it a flute. They look like and they are played in the same manner and they produce a very similar sound and tone.

The recorder is oral instrument and it is played by blowing air into a tubular like instrument with about 8 finger holes on one side, different melodies and tunes are produced by constantly blowing and covering different and alternating the holes with your fingers. The Yamaha recorder instrument is very popular, there are quite a lot of different companies that are now making and producing musical instruments. In addition to making and producing recorder instruments Yamaha also have drum sets, drum kits, organs and a various host of other sound related instruments. The recorder is also known as piccolo as well as a various host of other names.


It is considered by many to be a transverse flute and it has several different pitches and tones. It has at least a range of 3 different octaves. It also has the highest recorded pitch when it comes to modern orchestra. When it comes to hitting those high notes and tones nothing beats the recorder. The recorder is also mainly used for special effects in the orchestra but it is also widely used in marching bands as well as live concerts and our door musical functions. The first recorder was made out of wood and it has been featured in many different movies, books and literature over the years. It was used in biblical times and it is considered to be a very precious and sacred musical instrument in some cultures and countries.

The piccolo as it was also known has featured in many different prominent men and composers’ works over the years. Beethoven used the piccolo in his 5th Symphony. It was also used in “Stars and Stripes” by John Sousa’s. The history of the recorder is not very well documented and there is very few as well as very little information regarding its origins and history. It is viewed by many to be the soprano voice or sound in most bands, woodwind groups and orchestras. There are many different types of flutes or Yamaha recorder instruments which include the bass flute, alto flute and piccolo.