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OverClocked ReMix review

OverClocked remix is a limited liability firm that is promoting fan made remixes of videogames music. This is a great place for fans for collaborating and letting their talent flow along with the fact that is a great way of expression for the fans to show their vigor for their favorite games.

OverClocked ReMix review helps you in picking up the right kind of music as the submissions here are based on the quality control process although the album projects don not go through the similar procedure.


The kind of music that you find here is very wide and the genres usually depend on the choice of the remixer’s. the best part is that all the music that is found on the website can be downloaded fro free using either HTTP or BitTorrent. This lets people from various parts of the world have access to the creative work some of the gaming and music fans and is a way for collaborating on projects even while they are seated thousands of miles away from each other.

Fans have a choice of editing the band information on the website along with editing the albums. Then there are thousands of reviews that you can read before you download the music and you can also rate every song that is present on the website for streaming and listening to for free. There are plenty other options like adding reviews, adding albums, adding news or adding the Mp3s. All genres of music in the likes of punk, rock, hip-hop and pop along with alt/indie can easily be found on the website.


OverClocked ReMix review helps you in picking fan made remixes of videogame music and is a great place for collaboration between fans and music lovers.

10 Places to Download Free, Legal MP3s

In today’s world music has swept into all walks of our lives. From iPods to MP3 players to high-end music phones to TV to ringtones to the waiting loops, music is everywhere and yet we crave for more. Not only the most popular songs and famous artists, a lot of websites today offer the services to discover the music of new and fresh artists.


We present to you among the 10 best options and 10 Places to Download Free, Legal MP3sfrom where you can download free music and do it legally., is a place for artist giving them the opportunity of promoting their work and for the music fans to help them discover new kind of music every day. is another place which where you can discover free music streams and recommendations. is one of the most popular sources which is used world over for downloading free music legally. This is followed by 7digital which is again a digital media platform and has a great collection of free music which is updated frequently.

Spinner Mp3 of the day is another great idea which runs an Mp3 of the day section and helps you discover great music.

FMA or the Free Music Archive includes some great artists and great tracks which are available for free and is right behind Epitonic which is a curated site offering web based audio, artist profiles , stream and much more.

Free kids music is for the younger generation to get hold of their kind of music while Dramacore was one of the first places which was used for getting free music and is still very popular.


The likes of Amazon, FMA, Epiton, Dramacore are the top 10 Places To Download Free, Legal MP3s. (Music)- Online Music store is an internet download directory, originally a part of the CNET, website which provides with free downloads for Windows, iOS, Android and Mac. This platform is being used thousands of people across the globe for getting their hands on their favorite stuff. (Music) is the source of some of the best music that can found over the internet. It is among the very few places that new and upcoming artists approach for putting their music online and reaching thousands of music lovers. It is also a completely legal platform for downloading any kind of music and is highly popular website for getting hands of new and latest music.

Almost all the artist and albums are featured here and they are listed into categories which makes it easy for the users to navigate to the right place and pick something depending on their taste. All genres in the form of rock, punk, pop, hip-hop and alt/indie and country music can easily be found here and can be downloaded at minimal prices. Also many songs and albums are also available for free which makes it even more lucrative option. (Music) is one of the oldest and most reputed forums for new and upcoming artists to showcase their talent. It is also one of the most popular ones and hence it is chosen by most music lovers as one of the top choices.

In addition to all this, if you are a regular member, you will get a lot of offers and discounts on a regular basis to get your hands on some of the free stuff and get great discounts on every music that you download.


Summary: (Music) is one of the oldest source and most popular ones for getting access to best music and best artists on the web. review

The review introduces you to independent music from a large number of unsigned artists and gives an excellent set of tools for promotion for the upcoming and the talented lot. The website was started in 2001 and has now grown into a full media experience. Today, it brings the record labels, the artists and the listeners together using the social network environment. You can get as many as 8000 songs which are available for listening on demand or can be downloaded in the form of an mp3.


Apart from the usual benefits, the website also has some features and unique elements that set it aside from the average music social network sites. One can easily find Mp3 ringtones on the website and photos/ graphics and podcasts. Users can have their own newsletters and there is also a classified section which contains various numbers of offers from the members. The website has a great community spirit which is totally showcased by the way of the lively forums and that also makes it a great blend of media experiences and totally makes it a worthy destination for the discovery of fresh and new music. review finds the website to be rather well designed and is offering a wide range of media services. It has an excellent spread of music genres and covers music from hip-hop to rock to punk and pop and classic and indie as well. The lively member forums are of the biggest assets of the website and they have a good deal of membership services.

Summary: review tells that the website is a great forum for lively communities and great membership services and some real good music.

Download music from at great prices

Music is everywhere. With the launch of the likes of iPads, iPods, Mp3 players, smartphones , music has overtaken all spheres of life and people want more and more of it.

Now you can shop for over 20 million songs and play the music directly from the cloud as you download music from The music can be played directly from the cloud without having the need for downloading it to your devices and you can enjoy it on your Kindle Fire, iPhone, Ipad, iPod touch and Sonos. This method can also be used for Amazon Cloud player and the Mac PCs


Amazon is one of the few places where you can find an exhaustive collection of music from a wide variety of sources and gives you the option of downloading all this music through a legal manner. The music on Amazon is very affordable and it offers you with programs and features like 100 Albums just for $5 each, free music from the rising artists and 2012 editor picks and/or $0.69 song store. This is the place for not only music fans but also artists so as to reach the largest base of music lovers and expand themselves. It is the best method through which music can be promoted and gives the artist a perfect launch for their albums.

All kinds of music and artists can easily be found on and new, classic, best-selling and all genres have been listed in separate categories making it easier for users to download their music. There is a great collection of Jazz, Rock, pop and all this at very affordable prices.


Download music from and get access to some of the best music and some of the best artists at the same place.

A Guide to Buying Music Online

2006 may go down in history as the year that music subscription sites came to the forefront. What began with Napster’s efforts to retool itself as a real business has turned into a business model for almost all of the major services. Yahoo, Rhapsody, Microsoft and AOL have focused their efforts on subscriptions after failing to lure people away from iTunes with cheap tracks–and you may be surprised to learn that these services offer great deals. The idea of paying another monthly charge can be difficult to swallow, but for DJs, buying music online vs in store can be worth its weight in gold.


Progress: It Comes at a Price

Where pricing is concerned, the playing field for music downloads is pretty level. Most of the major services, such as Napster and Rhapsody, charge roughly $10 per month for the lowest tier of service, and they charge slightly more for on-the-go options that allow you to load songs to your portable device. By keeping a plan active for about three years, you can save hundreds of dollars.

However, there’s more to learning “where can I buy mp3 songs” than just price. For example, if someone else in your house owns an mp3 player, the plan should accommodate everyone. Some services allow you to load multiple players, while others offer more limited options. A DJ or serious audiophile will want tracks with a high bitrate, and not all services offer them.

Finding New Music

With all the choices that are out there, you may end up feeling a bit lost among all the new artists. Thankfully, many services offer help with the discovery of new music, and online radio stations play tunes of a specific genre. If you hear something you like, it’s simple to add it to your library, and some services allow you to create playlists based on genres and artists you like.

The Standouts

Unlike most of its rivals, Music Now does not need client software; all you need is a web browser, and you can play any playlist or track in the site’s entire catalog. You’ll be able to listen anywhere, and music videos are a great add-on, as is the XM radio section. Unfortunately for you DJs, you can’t remotely access your stored music. Napster is right up there with the best, offering an accessible, easy-to-use interface and a long list of features.

Other Options

If you still like to buy your tracks from an mp3 music store, you’re not locked into using iTunes. Sony Connect, BuyMusic and other sources sell single DRM tracks, with prices of up to .99 per song and $10 per album. eMusic sells unrestricted mp3 files that you can copy, burn and transfer to other players, but you have to subscribe and your per-month downloads are limited.

With many online music subscription services sharing the same basic premise, it can be difficult to make the right choice. All of the major players have a trial period, with some lasting up to a month. Before signing on, make sure to try a few services–you’ll be thankful that you did.