MixMeister Express 7 Review

MixMeister Express 7 is one of the most renowned DJ Mixing software programs in the market these days. It’s developed by MixMeister Technology which is concentrated chiefly on developing the DJ Mixing software programs. The Express 7 release from the company has been widely appreciated as an effective program for amateur & intermediate DJs. If you are interested to know more about MixMeister Express 7, follow the post below as it’s a short review on the software product.


Professional high-quality music mix

It’s wonderful to state that the MixMeister Express 7 allows the users to develop & maintain professional high quality music mix easily and quickly. The user here will also have the ability to create original mixes within few minutes only & distribute them via iPod, CD or through direct upload on internet.

Auto beat-mixing

It’s needless to mention that every DJ desires for flawless and unnoticeable transition in between the tracks. The good news is that MixMeister Express 7 is equipped with a great feature called auto beat-mixing that could be initiated on just a single mouse click. The software is compatible with iTunes as well and thus you would be able to import music library & the program will categorize it automatically for you.

Input & output aspects

The MixMeister Express 7 comes with non-destructive editing feature which will keep the original files intact & edit up ID3 tags like album, BPM, artist, title and genre. The user here would get to burn the music mixes in CD without any help from other software, export & play the original mix-tunes in maximum portable audio devices. Besides the software helps in effortless copy of the mix with flawless transition in between tunes. It supports a number of audio formats like WMA, WAV, MP3, M4A and AIF. You can mix up till 4 stereo tracks & adjust tempo as per your specific needs.

Different performance capacities

It has the capacity to use the Windows Explore and drag-and-drop the music files. Then, you have on-screen song-editing facility, single-click reverse action for any section or track as well as beat matching through manual and automatic settings.