Zulu 2013 – DJ Mixing Software

Zulu 2013 is considered as one among the best software programs for virtual DJ-mixing. The software is developed by leading software company NCH software and is backed by all essential features required in an ideal DJ mixing program. The principle features available with the software include cross fading ability in between tracks, preview track capacity through headphones, real-time pitch & tempo control, auto beat detection, & keyboard hot-keys. The software would be useful to any level of DJ, amateurs, intermediate DJ as well as the professional ones. Are you interested to know further about Zuly 2013? Well, go through the write-up here as it’s all about the features of the premium DJ mixing software program.

The Zulu software enables the users to apply different effects to mix such as reverb, distortion & delay on fly. This software program is well compatible with all single audio files virtually, like .avi. .mpeg, .mpg, .asf,, .wmv, .mp3, .wav, .amr, .aiff, .aif & .wma. It could be also be utilized with any form of USB DJ mixing audio console like audiophile turnable, fast-track ultra-audio and music studio-bundle. It’s good to note that Zulu 2013 comes with in-built drag & drop facility so that the users can move music wherever they want to within program.


In regards to the performance capacity of the software, there are hardly any other DJ mixing software programs which can be compare to Zulu 2013. The latest NCH product has been backed by a powerful capacity to apply many of its performance features in the real-time, with its individualized and comprehensive BPM settings & interface.

It’s good to stress here that with its advanced and intuitive features, simple, straight forward and user-friendly interface, Zulu 2013 kind of outsmarts its pertinent contenders in the market. Last but not the least- apart from the high performance features, Zulu also impresses its users with its credible technical support facilities. The program assures of a comprehensive support system where you would be getting suggestions on fixing bugs and different support and help category options. Truly, Zulu 2013 is worth a grab for every DJ out there.