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Zulu 2013 – DJ Mixing Software

Zulu 2013 is considered as one among the best software programs for virtual DJ-mixing. The software is developed by leading software company NCH software and is backed by all essential features required in an ideal DJ mixing program. The principle features available with the software include cross fading ability in between tracks, preview track capacity through headphones, real-time pitch & tempo control, auto beat detection, & keyboard hot-keys. The software would be useful to any level of DJ, amateurs, intermediate DJ as well as the professional ones. Are you interested to know further about Zuly 2013? Well, go through the write-up here as it’s all about the features of the premium DJ mixing software program.

The Zulu software enables the users to apply different effects to mix such as reverb, distortion & delay on fly. This software program is well compatible with all single audio files virtually, like .avi. .mpeg, .mpg, .asf,, .wmv, .mp3, .wav, .amr, .aiff, .aif & .wma. It could be also be utilized with any form of USB DJ mixing audio console like audiophile turnable, fast-track ultra-audio and music studio-bundle. It’s good to note that Zulu 2013 comes with in-built drag & drop facility so that the users can move music wherever they want to within program.


In regards to the performance capacity of the software, there are hardly any other DJ mixing software programs which can be compare to Zulu 2013. The latest NCH product has been backed by a powerful capacity to apply many of its performance features in the real-time, with its individualized and comprehensive BPM settings & interface.

It’s good to stress here that with its advanced and intuitive features, simple, straight forward and user-friendly interface, Zulu 2013 kind of outsmarts its pertinent contenders in the market. Last but not the least- apart from the high performance features, Zulu also impresses its users with its credible technical support facilities. The program assures of a comprehensive support system where you would be getting suggestions on fixing bugs and different support and help category options. Truly, Zulu 2013 is worth a grab for every DJ out there.

MixVibes CROSS DJ Review

MixVibes Cross DJ is one of best DJ mixing software programs released in the current entertainment sphere. The primary plus point of the software is that it puts solid stress on quality 7 integrity of music files. MixVibes Cross DJ has been developed with most of the qualities and features of a reliable DJ software but also takes a leap further by providing elaborate analysis of audio status of a music file. The article below comes up with a review on MixVibes Cross DJ program.

The MixVibes Cross DJ software is equipped with almost all the tools available in other different DJ software solutions such as BPM matcher, BPM analyzer, manual & auto loops, master tempo-controls which enables the program to present a number of fantastic DJ effects & mixing. It provides symmetrical player setting which leads to easy recording & mixing offering the user with an amazing DJ experience.

One of the chief distinctions between MVC & other different DJ software solutions is that the former comes with simple media browsing facility and can produce crystal-clear sound effects. The users here would easily know about the locations of his songs & the ways to access them fast for smooth set creation and easy transitions.


MixVibes Cross DJ is able to import a versatile range of audio file-formats like WAV, MP3, ID3 & others and will also serve as line-in for the MIDI devices like MP3, CD decks and vinyl. All in all it can be said that the software seems to be pretty impressive with a convincing a strong emphasis on integrity and quality, without losing out on seamless live audio mixing & performance.

It’s good to mention that MixVibes Cross DJ assures a solid support provision for its users. The MVC community portal is very active and is always ready to support users with quality assistance in a variety of aspects related to the software program. The software comes with a helpful tutorial video that enables you to learn about the various features & functions of this software program.

The users are happy with MixVibes Cross DJ software but however, some of them have appealed for the incorporation of mire number of features in the program.

PCDJ Red Mobile Review

PCDJ Red Mobile is a DJ mixing software designed specifically for mobile DJs. The software comes with a user-friendly and clean interface that enables in smooth hassle free mixing and the program can work with simple keyboard & mouse as well as with premier DJ controllers. PCJ Red Mobile is backed by a powerful track library or Recordcase which allows the users in importing, mixing & searching all their OGG, MP3, FLAC, WMA, WAV files & unguarded iTunes files easily. It’s good to mention that software is able to support multi M3U waitlists, the playlists & series of different mix & match tracks. You are promised of lesser screen clutter too. The write up here is aimed to present a short review study on PCDJ Red Mobile.

The PCDJ Red Mobile software is equipped with an autoplay feature by which it would automatically play via waitlist or through group mixing. There is a “Mix Now” feature for seamless and quick crossfade & play. Then, the program enables its users to change pitch in four varied ranges like from ±8% – ±100%. You would also be able to change the volume, pause & play with lower latency and edit up ID3v2 for the MP3’s & OGG Vorbis for the OGG files. The software promises of accurate and fast auto BPM detection.


Besides, the PCDJ Red Mobile software can help in configurable song-break & startup speed leading to turntable-like effects. The DJ users here would have the facility to pre-listen to the mixes via the soundcard rear-out or second soundcard or Left/Right splitter. The software enables the users to browse easily through their music directories and shows up with all the tracks on id3v2, id3v1, & OGG tag details (BPM, title, length etc.). Then here you are also allowed to drag and drop the tracks through Windows Explorer. PCDJ Red Mobile software is equipped to save your playlist to HTML or as Winamp playlist mode.

It’s to note that the users here would be able to search for their preferred music easily by typing, artist name, part of the title, comment field and album name.

MixMeister Express 7 Review

MixMeister Express 7 is one of the most renowned DJ Mixing software programs in the market these days. It’s developed by MixMeister Technology which is concentrated chiefly on developing the DJ Mixing software programs. The Express 7 release from the company has been widely appreciated as an effective program for amateur & intermediate DJs. If you are interested to know more about MixMeister Express 7, follow the post below as it’s a short review on the software product.


Professional high-quality music mix

It’s wonderful to state that the MixMeister Express 7 allows the users to develop & maintain professional high quality music mix easily and quickly. The user here will also have the ability to create original mixes within few minutes only & distribute them via iPod, CD or through direct upload on internet.

Auto beat-mixing

It’s needless to mention that every DJ desires for flawless and unnoticeable transition in between the tracks. The good news is that MixMeister Express 7 is equipped with a great feature called auto beat-mixing that could be initiated on just a single mouse click. The software is compatible with iTunes as well and thus you would be able to import music library & the program will categorize it automatically for you.

Input & output aspects

The MixMeister Express 7 comes with non-destructive editing feature which will keep the original files intact & edit up ID3 tags like album, BPM, artist, title and genre. The user here would get to burn the music mixes in CD without any help from other software, export & play the original mix-tunes in maximum portable audio devices. Besides the software helps in effortless copy of the mix with flawless transition in between tunes. It supports a number of audio formats like WMA, WAV, MP3, M4A and AIF. You can mix up till 4 stereo tracks & adjust tempo as per your specific needs.

Different performance capacities

It has the capacity to use the Windows Explore and drag-and-drop the music files. Then, you have on-screen song-editing facility, single-click reverse action for any section or track as well as beat matching through manual and automatic settings.

VirtualDJ Basic Review

VirtualDJ is one of the most popular DJ-mixing software systems available lately. The software has been developed by leading software company Atomix Productions, based in California. The VirtualDJ Basic is primarily targeted towards amateur disc jockeys but it can be a helpful tool for the intermediate and veteran DJs as well. The article below presents a brief review on the VirtualDJ Basic software.


VirtualDJ involves trendy technologies

It’s good to mention that VirtualDJ involves new & emerging technologies from DJ software zone to present the users with a cutting edge experience. The amateur DJ-mixing system developed by Atomix Productions enables the users to develop loops and add on gimmicks & samples to their live track automatically. It also allows you to use external audio-mixer. The program comes with 4 important features incorporated into the higher VirtualDJ Pro version & would be available at a comparatively cheaper rate. This is to stress here that VirtualDJ Basic is especially developed for operations in smaller venues and hence could be a fantastic help for those DJs who use mouse and keyboard for music mix.

Great Input/Output features

The good part is that the VirtualDJ Basic is designed with amazing input/output features. The users here would be able to access their whole digital music library instantly. The software is equipped to detect the musical keys so that every mix designed by the DJ comes in tune. Moreover, you can use VirtualDJ Basic to automatically set the BPM counter & interface with several HID and MIDI controllers. The users are allowed to use this software along with the timecode CDs/ vinyl where they will have the ability of scratching digitalized music tunes on old-school turntable. The timecode solution in VirtualDJ Basic is well compatible with many of the music-video files.

Other vital features

  • Instance BPM recognition
  • Automatic gain & beat match
  • Pitch and controls available on the dual players
  • Broadcasting & recording capacities
  • Internal mixer along with equalizers

The previous users are more or less happy with the performance of VirttualDJ Basic. The only thing they wanted is a better technical support.

A Guide to Buying Music Online

2006 may go down in history as the year that music subscription sites came to the forefront. What began with Napster’s efforts to retool itself as a real business has turned into a business model for almost all of the major services. Yahoo, Rhapsody, Microsoft and AOL have focused their efforts on subscriptions after failing to lure people away from iTunes with cheap tracks–and you may be surprised to learn that these services offer great deals. The idea of paying another monthly charge can be difficult to swallow, but for DJs, buying music online vs in store can be worth its weight in gold.


Progress: It Comes at a Price

Where pricing is concerned, the playing field for music downloads is pretty level. Most of the major services, such as Napster and Rhapsody, charge roughly $10 per month for the lowest tier of service, and they charge slightly more for on-the-go options that allow you to load songs to your portable device. By keeping a plan active for about three years, you can save hundreds of dollars.

However, there’s more to learning “where can I buy mp3 songs” than just price. For example, if someone else in your house owns an mp3 player, the plan should accommodate everyone. Some services allow you to load multiple players, while others offer more limited options. A DJ or serious audiophile will want tracks with a high bitrate, and not all services offer them.

Finding New Music

With all the choices that are out there, you may end up feeling a bit lost among all the new artists. Thankfully, many services offer help with the discovery of new music, and online radio stations play tunes of a specific genre. If you hear something you like, it’s simple to add it to your library, and some services allow you to create playlists based on genres and artists you like.

The Standouts

Unlike most of its rivals, Music Now does not need client software; all you need is a web browser, and you can play any playlist or track in the site’s entire catalog. You’ll be able to listen anywhere, and music videos are a great add-on, as is the XM radio section. Unfortunately for you DJs, you can’t remotely access your stored music. Napster is right up there with the best, offering an accessible, easy-to-use interface and a long list of features.

Other Options

If you still like to buy your tracks from an mp3 music store, you’re not locked into using iTunes. Sony Connect, BuyMusic and other sources sell single DRM tracks, with prices of up to .99 per song and $10 per album. eMusic sells unrestricted mp3 files that you can copy, burn and transfer to other players, but you have to subscribe and your per-month downloads are limited.

With many online music subscription services sharing the same basic premise, it can be difficult to make the right choice. All of the major players have a trial period, with some lasting up to a month. Before signing on, make sure to try a few services–you’ll be thankful that you did.


5 DJ Skills to Improve Your Live Performances

Learning how to DJ is hard enough, but figuring out how to work the room with your sound and your programming is another thing entirely. While learning to DJ has no hard-and-fast rules, the tips below are based on years of real-world experience. Read on for some advanced DJ techniques that will help you make your live performances more electrifying.



Practice Makes Perfect

Going into a set with only a slight idea of what you’ll play usually creates confusion–and it’ll undoubtedly lead to a half-baked DJ set. You’ll likely see that accomplished DJs have all spent many hours perfecting and polishing their sets. We’re not advising you to plan every minute of every set, but you should learn DJ techniques for beginners before you perform. Take some time to find tracks that go well together, and make playlists to use in the future. Create different playlists for different kinds of gigs, and remember that it takes time to find tracks that blend together seamlessly.

Be a Little More Flexible

As a DJ, you don’t always have to take requests; you can go with your own style and set list. However, playing multiple styles of music is a great way to gain more gigs. There are numerous different kinds of events and clubs, and every crowd is different–a good DJ will find tracks from their collection that work for every group.


Learn About Your Audience

Before you step out onto the stage to perform, learn about your audience. It’s about more than finding out what they like and then playing it–you’ll need to know the approximate room size, a rough estimate on attendance, and the evening’s general “vibe”. By doing so, you’ll be aware of your time slot and you’ll know what kind of mood your audience will be in when you take the stage. Empathy is a big part of DJing, and the most successful DJs take the time to get to know their audience and the types of sounds that resonate with them.

Go Easy on the Effects

While it’s the artist’s choice whether or not to use effects, we recommend that you go easy on them at first. Many of today’s DJs use sound effects to ease transitions from one album to another and to enhance the overall performance; neither practice is bad, but DJ tech tools can easily become a “crutch” to be leaned on. Use EQ and levels to add interest before turning to sound effects, and when you finally do drop an echo, it’ll have more impact.

Don’t Forget Your Backup

As a DJ, you probably know that things can go wrong when you least expect them to. For that reason, it’s a good idea to bring along backup music in a variety of formats. If you’re in love with vinyl, bring CDs; if you’re into CDs, bring a few drives full of mp3 files. Those who use laptops should ALWAYS bring vinyl and/or CDs as backup, and an mp3 player full of your latest mixes can come in handy when a source fails mid-set.