The review introduces you to independent music from a large number of unsigned artists and gives an excellent set of tools for promotion for the upcoming and the talented lot. The website was started in 2001 and has now grown into a full media experience. Today, it brings the record labels, the artists and the listeners together using the social network environment. You can get as many as 8000 songs which are available for listening on demand or can be downloaded in the form of an mp3.


Apart from the usual benefits, the website also has some features and unique elements that set it aside from the average music social network sites. One can easily find Mp3 ringtones on the website and photos/ graphics and podcasts. Users can have their own newsletters and there is also a classified section which contains various numbers of offers from the members. The website has a great community spirit which is totally showcased by the way of the lively forums and that also makes it a great blend of media experiences and totally makes it a worthy destination for the discovery of fresh and new music. review finds the website to be rather well designed and is offering a wide range of media services. It has an excellent spread of music genres and covers music from hip-hop to rock to punk and pop and classic and indie as well. The lively member forums are of the biggest assets of the website and they have a good deal of membership services.

Summary: review tells that the website is a great forum for lively communities and great membership services and some real good music.